Natural Treatment For herpes

Natural treatments for herpesAlthough some say that there are natural treatments that can cure herpes, there is no treatment that kills the virus or expel it from the body, but there are treatments that eliminate the symptoms of herpes.

There are a number of natural remedies to relieve pain, itching and help heal the wounds.

What is herpes?

The first thing to do when there is an outbreak of herpes is taking a strong dose of vitamin A. This will improve your immune system and can help to control the outbreak and prevent bed sores. Must be taken in a single dose, up to 200 000 IU of this vitamin at the first sign of an outbreak.

When an outbreak of herpes, hygiene is of utmost importance. Sores should be kept as clean and dry as possible. It is recommended to clean them gently with a mild soap and plenty of water, and gently pat dry. Some use a dryer without hot air. It is important not to cover the affected area is dry and wear loose-fitting, natural fiber.
Apply ice at the first signs of cold sores help reduce inflammation. Also numb the nerves, reduce feelings of tingling and burning.
A wet tea bag on fire black lipstick will help soothe the symptoms.
Apply Aloe Vera help the wound dry and thus less time to heal.
Other similar remedies are echinacea, witch hazel (witch’s broom), balm, castor oil or eucalyptus and tea tree oil, applied as an infusion with a washcloth. These remedies are recommended for cold sores, but not for the genital, which should be kept as dry as possible.

To help keep the area dry genital herpes can spread rice flour or cornstarch.
If discomfort is severe, you can use cold packs or sitz baths with hot water. You can add to water some of the remedies mentioned above, echinacea, witch hazel, lemon balm, tea tree oil, aloe vera.
To relieve pain when urinating, you can do during sitz baths, or under running cold water. The water will help disperse the urine and prevent its excessive acidity or alkalinity irritate the sores.
Do not use antipyretic to reduce fever because they are harmful to the liver. Use cold packs or other home remedies. Infusions of yarrow and elderflower stimulate sweating, helping to lower the temperature.

Because the relationship between the decay of the immune system and the appearance of outbreaks of herpes, anti-stress therapies have proven beneficial in the treatment of herpes. Even a study showed that viral activity is reduced in people who tend relaxation therapies.

If you think about it, herpes can be seen as a good thing. Being always present, the body will try to keep it controlled. However, if your immune system is weakened or stressed, then you will get a sore. Seen this way, the body is a reminder of the state of your immune system. You can react and strengthen it with that first symptom, before you from becoming infected with more severe disease.

It is also important not to judge people sick. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease in the sense that they infect only through sexual contact. But even if you are or know someone who has been infected by sexual contact, that does not point to a person as immoral or wrong. Many times, shame or infamy are more harmful than the infection, and also lead some people to neglect their treatment.

Food for herpes

Research suggests that there is a relationship between certain amino acids and herpes outbreaks. It is believed that lysine may help control and arginine may cause an increased incidence of outbreaks.

Lysine is an essential amino acid needed for the construction of all body protein. Is important in the absorption of calcium and the production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies. It’s linked to cancer therapies and decrease blood cholesterol.


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