How Can You Get Herpes? What You Must Know

No one likes to think that they may have contracted herpes. It is a good idea to understand how STDs such as herpes are transmitted and spread from one person to another. If each of us understands how can you get herpes, then there would probably be a lot less instances of it popping up.

Herpes is most often spread through direct contact from one person to another when there is a herpes sore present. If it has been spread from one person with a herpes sore present to one who does not have sores, the latter will notice tingling, itching and perhaps some other unusual feelings in the area of contact, usually the genital area. When these symptoms are first noticed, the herpes virus can still be easily spread when there is contact with the affected area. It is advised not to participate in any type of sexual relations at this time, including orally, vaginally or anal.

Knowing how can you get herpes in other ways are just as important as seeing and feeling an actual sore. There are times when there is no sore present, but the virus can still spread. Viral Shedding is when the virus sheds itself at the surface of the skin without an actual sore present. It is almost impossible to tell when this period is, but it occurs around 5% of the days in a year. Cure For Herpes Blog has more information about it.

Trying to prevent the spread of the herpes virus should be considered each time a couple decides to have relations of that nature together. Wearing a condom seems logical enough to be 100% effective. However, this is not always the case. If the herpes sore is located on the body that is not covered by a condom, then the virus can still be spread. However, a condom is one of the best forms of protection available.

Another way that you should know about how can you get genital herpes is if oral sex is performed, and the partner has a lesion on his/her mouth or on his/her genitals, it can pass from one to the other by direct contact. These sores on the mouth are generally referred to as cold sores. You can get cold sores from kissing someone on the lips that has them as well. The best way to keep herpes from spreading is to protect any part of one body from touching the sores at all.


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